From Miss to Mrs: Advice from Our Brides

Planning a wedding can be stressful and confusing, you never know what’s going to happen the day of.

Here is some advice and tips from our previous brides!

Jessica: More time to take pictures especially if are late to your own wedding like I was. So a longer cocktail hour! I wish I had more photos of family and of Casey and I.

When it comes to bridal portraits it’s suggested that you allot at least an hour to an hour and a half. As your guests head to cocktail hour we will round up your bridal party and families, and begin taking group photos. Once that’s finished we can get started on your couple photos!


Erin: Start with your guest list. Then make a list of your top 5 "wants" or what is most important to you. then budget

Some caterers charge by person and some venues have a guest limit. By getting a clear number of guests it will be easier to make a decision. This will ensure you have seating and meals for everyone but it will also help you determine your budget for these expenses.

What’s more important to you? Photography and videography, live music, location, etc. Pick your top priorities to figure out how much those will cost and what type of budget you should create.


Elaina: Nothing goes according to plan & that's okay, no matter what at the end of the day you're still married. And let someone else plan it.

Unfortunately, it’s completely true. Something will go wrong on the day everything should be perfect. It could be as small as a missing earring to as important as a missing bridesmaid. When those problems arise have someone else handle them and don’t let it get in the way of the big picture. Every problem will have a solution, and your wedding day will carry on with you two living happily ever after.

If the stress is already taking its toll on you don’t forget there are plenty of talented and experienced people out there who can help your day run as smooth as possible. Asking someone else to plan your wedding gives you the opportunity to fully enjoy it.


Holly: To take a deep breath and enjoy the moment because it flies by!

What more can I add to that?!

You will be busy from the moment you wake up so don’t forget to slow yourself down throughout the day and really take it all in.

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Wedding Traditions Origins

Marriage has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years and through out all those years traditions from all over the world have circulated. 

Here are some of the most popular wedding traditions and a brief history of how they started.

Cutting the Cake


This tradition comes from Roman and Medieval times when they usually used pies and bread. Tiered white cakes became popular especially among wealthy families as the cake display would show the social status of the family. 

Cutting the cake is now always done by both the bride and groom to represent the first activity they did together as newlyweds. 

However, in earlier times the bride would cut the white cake alone to symbolize her losing her virginity. 

It was common for a couple to save the top tier of their wedding cake and have a small cake eating ceremony on their one year anniversary. In some cases it was used as the cake for the christening which would happen within the first year of marriage. 

First Dance

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Dating back to the 16th century, the first dance was used to start the ball. A guest of honor was chosen to open the night with a ballroom dance. Soon this tradition was carried over to weddings because the bride and groom were the guests of honor at their reception. 

While the waltz was the common choice, in recent years brides and grooms have created choreographed dances to all sorts of music from country to hip hop. 

By dancing together the couple show how synchronized they are and it symbolizes their love and unity. 

Kiss the Bride


During the Roman Empire when couples were going to be married they would never kiss each other until the ceremony. Marriages were seen as contracts and the first kiss would seal it. 

Roman’s often used kissing as a legal bond to prove their sincerity. 

Ring the Bell for a Kiss


Before ringing the bell became a popular part of weddings, people would clink their glasses with silverware to entice the newly weds to kiss. It was believed that the clinking sound scared away the devil and allowed the couple to kiss safely. Now using bells has been a fun way to involve your guests and be showered with kisses from your loved one. 

Throwing Rice


Rice would be thrown at the couple as they departed from their ceremony in order to resemble rain which symbolizes fertility prosperity, and good fortune. 

Which is always why rain is said to be good luck on ones wedding day. 

After many years of this widely popular tradition it soon became apparent that the rice was harming the birds and now couples have switched to alternatives items such as bird seed, flower buds, or even eucalyptus leaves. The couple in the photo decided to use lavender!

Don’t want anything thrown at your head while you’re trying to leave? 

Brides have also started using bubbles, ribbon wands, and sparkler exits. 

Maybe your wedding as unique as your love and create some new traditions!

Lush Yacht Club Wedding | St Pete Clearwater Tampa

Every wedding is fun and exciting for different reasons but Stanisha and Cleveland definitely know how to throw a party and all they wanted to do was spend their evening dancing for hours on end.

Stanisha and Cleveland are the epitome of opposites attract and they bring out the best in one another. Whether they’re spoiling each other with kind words or beautiful gifts, their love is shown in every aspect of their lives.

Gold is a very regal and bold color that shines even more when paired with a soft, subtle blush creating a lavish wedding from top to bottom. The reception was lively and everyone was joining in on the dance floor with the newlyweds.

Behind every great wedding is a team of people who come together to give these couples an unforgettable day.

Wedding Coordinator - Petals and Promises Events

Venue - Westshore Yacht Club

Dj - Keith Day @keithjday

Videographer - Ashley Canay

Makeup -Roni Nikol

Pastry Chef - The Artistic Whisk

Rustic Romance in Webster | Orlando, Spring Hill, Webster

When you finally find the love of your life, you will know why it was worth the wait. For Michelle and John that couldn’t be more true because the amount of love and happiness that pours from them is endless. Being able to be apart of their big day was such a pleasure.

When it comes to weddings and months of long hard planning, it can be frustrating and upsetting when things go wrong but these two would not let anything come between their happiness on this day. When the rain came down on us mid ceremony they huddled under an umbrella together laughing, and with great patience they were able to light the soaking wet unity candle that will burn bright for them.

The newly weds were excited to share their big day with so many people, their guest list was over 150! All of the hard work came together and the day went by seamlessly. After so many years of being together Michelle and John officially brought together their two families.

Venue Windsong Ranch

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Cozy Home Session | Tampa, Clearwater, Spring Hill

In home sessions are becoming my absolute favorite. Kimberley and Nick are such an openly sweet and loving couple it seems straight off a movie screen sometimes. Upon entering their home I immediately felt as if I was looking at a Pinterest board names House Goals! Their home was just as adorable as they were and it was such a great experience. In home sessions are on a different personal level and I feel it can capture more intimate moments because the couple feels at home, literally. As much as I adore dreamy couple sessions in beautiful locations, these photos just brought something different to the table and really showcased their love for one another. My favorite part of the day was the dart photo. As they nestled onto the couch with the dart board over head, Nick stuck one right on the bullseye and said “ Cause she’s my bullseye”

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Romantic Couple Session | Clearwater, Tampa, Spring Hill, Brooksville

Using Downtown Brooksville as the backdrop of their love story, Tellius and Tee light up the town they both have called home for so long. Capturing their sweet moments together strolling along the historic streets was almost too easy because of how naturally they enjoyed each other’s company. Nothing is more obvious than they love they have for one another and they are both living life to the fullest with their hands intertwined along the way.Half way through the afternoon we wandered down the quaint side roads off of Main St. and Tellius and Tee spent some time dancing and holding one another as if nothing else in the world mattered.The session ended shortly after we found ourselves climbing the stairs of the historic City Hall where the couple got their last minute snuggles in.


Gorgeous Clearwater Wedding | Clearwater, Tampa, Spring Hill, Brooksville

Nestled on the edge of the water in Clearwater, Florida, Island Way Grill served as the perfect host for Kryshtene and Malik's intimate wedding on July 7, 2018.  Their wedding was coordinated by Petals and Promises Destination Wedding Concierge Services, they did an amazing job of making sure the day was exactly how Kryshtene and Malik envisioned it to be.  

Wedding Clearwater Island Way Grill
Wedding Clearwater Island Way Grill 1

Actions speak louder than words, when Malik saw Kryshtene he was over come with joy.  The couple made their way down the aisle to declare their vows in front of their friends and family.  

Wedding Clearwater Island Way Grill 2
Wedding Clearwater Island Way Grill 3
Wedding Clearwater Island Way Grill 4
Wedding Clearwater Island Way Grill 5
Wedding Clearwater Island Way Grill 6
Wedding Clearwater Island Way Grill 7
Wedding Clearwater Island Way Grill 8

The sun and heat couldn't stop this happy couple.

Wedding Clearwater Island Way Grill 9
Wedding Clearwater Island Way Grill 10
Wedding Clearwater Island Way Grill 11
Wedding Clearwater Island Way Grill 12
Wedding Clearwater Island Way Grill 13

The most beautiful part of this intimate wedding wasn't the blushing bride, even though she was a close second, it was the immense love pouring from Kryshtene and Malik.  A love that, not only could be seen a mile away but could also be felt every time they entered a room hand in hand.

Wedding Clearwater Island Way Grill 14
Wedding Clearwater Island Way Grill 15
Wedding Clearwater Island Way Grill 16
Wedding Clearwater Island Way Grill 17
Wedding Clearwater Island Way Grill 18
Wedding Clearwater Island Way Grill 19
Wedding Clearwater Island Way Grill 20
Wedding Clearwater Island Way Grill 21

DJ Keith at Events Done Right soon had every guest on the dance floor to dance the day away.  The excitement of the day was flowing through the room as everyone laughed, and danced.

Wedding Clearwater Island Way Grill 22
Wedding Clearwater Island Way Grill 23
Wedding Clearwater Island Way Grill 24
Wedding Clearwater Island Way Grill 25

    Wedding Details

Bride and groom: Malik and Kryshtene

Venue: Island Way Grill

Wedding Coordinator: Petals and Promises Destination Wedding Concierge Services

DJ: Keith at Events Done Right Tampa Bay

Cake: A Piece of Cake

Mommy and Me Session | Spring Hill, Brooksville, Tampa, Orlando, Ocala

For this mommy and me session we went to one of my favorite Brooksville locations.  This field works for so many different sessions, from mommy and me, to maternity, to engagement photos.  I love how the vastness of the field allows the subject to be the main focus to fully showcase the affection and intimacy of each moment.

In April of 2016, Cheyenne had contacted me for newborn photos of little Winry, which turned into a wonderful friendship.  Watching Winry grow and explore her world has been such a joy and I love being apart of it, even when she hated my camera.  Cheyenne has been such a blessing in my life, and is my biggest cheerleader. 

This spontaneous mommy and me session was so precious because of their sweet embraces and smiles as they enjoyed being together. When it comes to capturing these moments for them, I’m always happy to do so, and I’m looking forward to photographing them both as they grow together.

Brooksville Florida mommy and me Cheyenne and Winry 4
Brooksville Florida mommy and me Cheyenne and Winry 5
Brooksville Florida mommy and me Cheyenne and Winry 3
Brooksville Florida mommy and me Cheyenne and Winry 2
Brooksville Florida mommy and me Cheyenne and Winry 6
Brooksville Florida mommy and me Cheyenne and Winry 1
Brooksville Florida mommy and me Cheyenne and Winry 8
Brooksville Florida mommy and me Cheyenne and Winry 7

Maternity Photography | Spring Hill, Brooksville, Tampa, Clearwater, Altamonte Springs, Orlando, Ocala

Kate and Preston Maternity

As I sit here writing my first blog, and reflecting on Kate’s maternity session, I am reliving moments of her and her family over the years.  Visions of Kate twirling around the dance floor at my wedding reception when she was just fourteen years old.  Then photographing her first maternity session in 2013 as well as her  daughter, Emma's newborn session.  Flash forward to present and capturing the new life growing in her belly.

Kate and Preston have such love for each other that I know their children will feel and be constantly surrounded by it. Emma is so excited to meet her baby sister she can hardly contain herself. The eager big sister is already planning all the fun things she wants to teach the baby as they grow together.  

Becoming a mother is such a beautiful process every step of the way and motherhood has transformed Kate into a magnificent young woman.
Thank you Kate for trusting me with capturing your most precious memories.

Maternity Spring Hill Brooksville Tampa Florida 1
Maternity Spring Hill Brooksville Tampa Florida 3
Maternity Spring Hill Brooksville Tampa Florida 6
Maternity Spring Hill Brooksville Tampa Florida 2
Maternity Spring Hill Brooksville Tampa Florida 4
Maternity Spring Hill Brooksville Tampa Florida 5