Cozy Home Session | Tampa, Clearwater, Spring Hill

In home sessions are becoming my absolute favorite. Kimberley and Nick are such an openly sweet and loving couple it seems straight off a movie screen sometimes. Upon entering their home I immediately felt as if I was looking at a Pinterest board names House Goals! Their home was just as adorable as they were and it was such a great experience. In home sessions are on a different personal level and I feel it can capture more intimate moments because the couple feels at home, literally. As much as I adore dreamy couple sessions in beautiful locations, these photos just brought something different to the table and really showcased their love for one another. My favorite part of the day was the dart photo. As they nestled onto the couch with the dart board over head, Nick stuck one right on the bullseye and said “ Cause she’s my bullseye”

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Romantic Couple Session | Clearwater, Tampa, Spring Hill, Brooksville

Using Downtown Brooksville as the backdrop of their love story, Tellius and Tee light up the town they both have called home for so long. Capturing their sweet moments together strolling along the historic streets was almost too easy because of how naturally they enjoyed each other’s company. Nothing is more obvious than they love they have for one another and they are both living life to the fullest with their hands intertwined along the way.Half way through the afternoon we wandered down the quaint side roads off of Main St. and Tellius and Tee spent some time dancing and holding one another as if nothing else in the world mattered.The session ended shortly after we found ourselves climbing the stairs of the historic City Hall where the couple got their last minute snuggles in.