Wedding Traditions Origins

Marriage has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years and through out all those years traditions from all over the world have circulated. 

Here are some of the most popular wedding traditions and a brief history of how they started.

Cutting the Cake


This tradition comes from Roman and Medieval times when they usually used pies and bread. Tiered white cakes became popular especially among wealthy families as the cake display would show the social status of the family. 

Cutting the cake is now always done by both the bride and groom to represent the first activity they did together as newlyweds. 

However, in earlier times the bride would cut the white cake alone to symbolize her losing her virginity. 

It was common for a couple to save the top tier of their wedding cake and have a small cake eating ceremony on their one year anniversary. In some cases it was used as the cake for the christening which would happen within the first year of marriage. 

First Dance

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Dating back to the 16th century, the first dance was used to start the ball. A guest of honor was chosen to open the night with a ballroom dance. Soon this tradition was carried over to weddings because the bride and groom were the guests of honor at their reception. 

While the waltz was the common choice, in recent years brides and grooms have created choreographed dances to all sorts of music from country to hip hop. 

By dancing together the couple show how synchronized they are and it symbolizes their love and unity. 

Kiss the Bride


During the Roman Empire when couples were going to be married they would never kiss each other until the ceremony. Marriages were seen as contracts and the first kiss would seal it. 

Roman’s often used kissing as a legal bond to prove their sincerity. 

Ring the Bell for a Kiss


Before ringing the bell became a popular part of weddings, people would clink their glasses with silverware to entice the newly weds to kiss. It was believed that the clinking sound scared away the devil and allowed the couple to kiss safely. Now using bells has been a fun way to involve your guests and be showered with kisses from your loved one. 

Throwing Rice


Rice would be thrown at the couple as they departed from their ceremony in order to resemble rain which symbolizes fertility prosperity, and good fortune. 

Which is always why rain is said to be good luck on ones wedding day. 

After many years of this widely popular tradition it soon became apparent that the rice was harming the birds and now couples have switched to alternatives items such as bird seed, flower buds, or even eucalyptus leaves. The couple in the photo decided to use lavender!

Don’t want anything thrown at your head while you’re trying to leave? 

Brides have also started using bubbles, ribbon wands, and sparkler exits. 

Maybe your wedding as unique as your love and create some new traditions!